2019 Gannon Award Winner “The Art Of Warrior Poetry” Paperback Color Edition

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The Art Of Warrior Poetry FULL COLOR Paperback Edition with Ben Cantwell Front/Rear Cover Artwork 

 A poetry collection that takes the reader through adolescence, War, solitude, and new beginnings. The Art Of Warrior Poetry.

“I wanted to structure this book in four parts, White, Red, Black and Gold. Each one representing a time period in my life. Like chapters in a book, chapters in life are very real. I went from being homeless, living out of my 1992 Chevy Cavalier taking showers at the beach, to an NCO in the Marine Corps leading Marines in combat, to attempting suicide on my 23rd birthday, to writing and publishing a few books and starting my own business, to becoming a father and now living a beautiful life with my son and his mother. Life has chapters and each stage or chapter in life has lessons to be learned, and events need to be broken down and analyzed for ourselves. If we can see our failures, our successes, our rights, our wrongs and come to terms and face them in the mirror then that’s when we will know who we are as a human beings and will have a positive impact, not only in your life but the lives of the people that surround themselves around you”——- an Excerpt from “The Art Of Warrior Poetry”






Ben Cantwell FRONT/REAR cover art

Full Color Edition