The Adventures Of Adahy

The Adventures Of Adahy

'Adventures Of Adahy'

By: Justin T Eggen


The road is long and lonesome from Boston to the Bahamas, not including the ocean travel. The man with a wagon and a horse was on his last leg of the beginning stage of his long and arduous adventure. The man was named Edward Thomas Young III after his father, but that name never stayed with him after his birth. His mother made her way back to southern Gerorgia two months after his birth, back to her native tribe. Having been mourning the death of his father, she fell into a sad and depressed state of mind, secluding herself and her son to the woods. Over time the tribe named the boy 'Adahy', which means 'from in the woods'. His mother passed away of yellow fever when he was 16. In the final days of her life she gave Adahy an item she told him came from his father and told him a name. The item was a small golden shard that was at one time his fathers lucky talisman. The golden shard was encased in a golden wire frame made to be worn around the neck. The name she provided to Adahy in the days before her death was a man named Admiral Young of the Royal Navy in Boston. She told him that this man was indeed his fathers brother, his uncle, and he could provide Adahy with a future and more information about his father. 


It's been over a decade since Adahy has left home in search of his uncle in Boston, and this coastal road in the british colony of East Florida is where this adventure has led him. Facing near death in his exit from Boston, he has been on the run as an enemy of the crown ever since. The next port was his jump off point to the Bahamas which is the birthplace of Adahy. He was almost 30 years old at this point while he was traveling south along the coastal road. Disguised as a traveling arabber, concealed in plain sight as a grungy traveling salesman with a wagon full of fruits and vegetables. Tradecraft, misdirection, hiding in plain sight, and secrecy were all acquired from working with his uncle while living the last decade in Boston. The sound from the hooves of the horse systimatically impacting the road blend into the dead silence around him as he travels down the road lined with knee high rock walls. Since becoming an ememy of the crown, he acquired a bounty on his head, and has become a high value target for the British Legion. King George is adament about finding Adahy and bringing him back to London for a public execution. Adahy's true identity was revealed while he was working under cover as a wealthy British loyalist feeding  false intelligence to the crown. The moment that King George found out that the man feeding them false intelligence was none other than the child of  Edward Thomas Young II, he used all of his power to close in and track down Adahy. Escaping Boston was just the beginning of this adventure he found himself on, getting from Boston to the Bahamas has almost cost Adahy his life, multiple times. "Keep moving, stay persistant, and watch your back" Adahy reminds himself day after day. When he narrowly escaped Boston he traveled to meet up with his contact in Philadelphia named Robert Mullan, who has organized the ship in to take Adahy to the Bahamas, and was also a great friend of his father and uncle. Robert Mullan gave Adahy his most prized piece of intelligence when he arrived to Philadelphia. Edward Thomas Young II many years ago personally stole something that belonged to King George, the talisman. The necklace Adahy has worn around his neck his entire life was apparently one of the five golden shards that make up the spear of destiny. Adahy has always heard the tales of the spear of destiny and  the folklore myths when he was a child, but never believed any of it to be true. He always thought this necklace was just his father lucky talisman. King George not only wanted the head of Edward Thomas Young III on a stick for spying for the colonists and feeding the crown false intelligence, but also to question him about his father and the necklace that was stolen from him. 


Along the coastal road the breeze off the ocean rolls in, a salty scent, refreshing compared to the dank stinch the consumes the streets of stuffy Boston or Philadelphia. Quiet and alone, the road is full of solitude, self reflection, and contemplation. Many negative thoughts run through Adahy's mind, while the positive thoughts seem to be bested consistently by the darkness. Keeping this thought process active keeps his mind where it needs to be always, which is staying alive. The dark negative thoughts provide a sustainable fuel for Adahy's ambitions. Once off the mainland and in the Bahamas, he will acquire a ship and a crew, then he will set out on his most ambitious quest yet. 


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