Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc.

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Mission Statement:Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc.’ is a nonprofit organization made up of diverse veterans and civilians providing our education and real-world experiences standing together working to change the narrative through unique projects and global initiatives.


Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc. initial Board of Directors include:

President- Justin Eggen, 60% ownership

Treasurer- Sonja Honkala, 30% ownership

Secretary- Trish Faller, 10% ownership


Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc. was incorporated in the state of Florida on October 19th, 2020 through legal agent: Legal Zoom. EIN: 85-3593342

Detailed Mission:

Here at ‘Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc.’ we realize how imperative it is that society acknowledges creative arts and literature but we believe that it is just as imperative that society acknowledges and learns from our veteran centered creative arts and literature as well. The work being produced now is blossoming from the almost 20-years of war we have found ourselves fighting. In 2001 our nation committed itself to combating the Global War On Terrorism, and after two decades of continuous conflict our nations warriors are coming home, processing their trauma, and addressing their mental health issues through prolific, artistic projects and soul-searing literature.

Even though there are many pieces of literature from the conflicts of the last two decades and beyond, it is one of our goals to showcase literature that helps veterans address their issues, and process those issues in such a way that promotes betterment of self and ultimately leads to a more positive lifestyle. To carry out our mission we will endeavor to cultivate creativity and promote literacy through artistic ventures with veterans and civilians who are innovating in their respective fields, challenging the common narrative while clearing a new path for positive and educational community growth.

In World War One or The Great War, there was an influx of international warfighters putting their chaotic, wartime emotions into timeless literature that has inspired a new generation of warrior poets. At ‘Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc’ it is a goal of ours to explore the new generation of warfighters turn published poets and put them to the forefront of literature society and culture, exhibiting the absolute best our nation has to offer after our time in service. We are not done fighting because we have returned home from battle, our minds will forever be scared and influenced by our time overseas but that does not mean that is all we have to offer as participants of society. The literature sector is severely lacking deep, emotional substance dealing with traumatic experiences in combat and as veteran poets/authors we are the ones who will be at the forefront telling our stories.

The first three charity programs we have established will provide a foundation for our mission to exist and grow into something substantial. By bringing veteran literature, more specifically, veteran poetry to the masses of people unaware of its existence we are bridging a gap that has clearly been devoid in modern civilization. Human beings need art to thrive and grow. Art is a communication tool; it allows us to create the bring to life the unknown and the unseen, sparking imagination in the minds of those who take it in. Art allows us to heal from our mental wounds, processing trauma through creative ventures is one of the most therapeutic ways of evolving.

Our organization has created six charity programs that positively impact veterans, , and civilians domestically and internationally. Our flagship charity program is an incredibly unique project that directly mails new veteran literature to your front door each month called ‘Veteran Literature Monthly Mailer’. During that month Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc. will promote said book online in newsletter and webpage, allowing a discussion for specific monthly books to occur.

The second charity program we have is the ‘Veteran Spoken Word Tour’, which is a global initiative bringing together premier GWOT veteran poets to unite promoting a new, unique way of approaching mental health stigmas through spoken word poetry at inspirational World War One & World War Two battlefields changing the narrative surrounding contemporary literature creating a more positive atmosphere within veteran culture and beyond.

Our third charity program is similar to our monthly book charity, but instead of sending one book per month to individuals we will be donating a ‘verified collection’ of GWOT literature in an ammo can bundle that is aesthetically pleasing to places of business (coffee shops, public common areas, waiting rooms, VA hospitals, etc.), also a non-ammo can bundle to libraries putting veteran literature on the shelves (high school, university, city, county, state, national, etc.).

Our fourth charity program is an academic scholarship given annually to a deserving international or domestic student exemplifying the core values of ‘Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc.’. This scholarship will be available the spring 2021 semester and will fund a student for one full academic year.

Our fifth charity program, ‘Stigma Seminars/Webinars’, are specifically intended for corporate workplace mental health awareness and advocacy, corporate workplace disabled veteran awareness and advocacy, and “The Purposeful Path of Poetry” webinar/seminar. All webinars/seminars will require a minimum donation fee and are designed to enhance workplace productivity and workplace standards for mental health awareness, PTS awareness, suicide awareness, etc. “Breaking Barriers and Silencing Stigmas

Our sixth charity program is a partnership program- Veteran Outdoor Outreach Program






Donations & Fundraising:

            The idea of fundraising for a nonprofit seems all to easy with social media and instant communication, but here at ‘Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc.’ we want to do as much as we can with the time we’ve been given, so that is why we have a multi-tiered strategy for fundraising and receiving donations.

Level one would be advertisements through social media (FB, IG, YT, TW) as well as ads inside local newspapers, (Palm Beach, The Palm Beach Post, The Sun Sentinel).

Level two would be direct mail utilizing databases with addresses, names, and phone numbers. Direct mail would be followed up, five days later, with a phone call (cold calling). Also, cold calling businesses, and individuals,

Level Three would be Government Grants- VA grants/

Level Four is in-person fundraising events such as private dinners, private brunches, public 5k runs, public dinners, public brunches, public events pertaining to literacy and promotion of, etc.

Level Five- Online/ Webpage Donations- Direct website visit donations


“The Donor Collective”-

  1. Sassoon Society// Tier 1- $10,000 or more
  2. McCrae Council// Tier 2- $5,000-$9,999
  3. Frost Forum//Tier 3- $2,500-$4,999
  4. Seeger Senate//Tier 4- $1,000-$2,499
  5. Stein Sorority// Tier 5- $500-$999
  6. Brooke Board//Tier 6- $100-$499
  7. Pope Panel// Tier 7- $1-$99



The Donor Collective’s tiers are represented by inspirational and revolutionary poets out of World War One or The Great War that wrote timeless masterpieces that inspired the next several generations of warrior poets. It is only fitting that our donors be associated with such incredible and impactful individuals. Each donor will receive with their donation a postcard explaining who the poet is and their famous works from which tier they are assigned based on donation amount.





Logo Design:


            The poppy represents the mutual conflicts in which war poetry of the past is linked to war poetry of the new millennium. The poppy that’s bloomed stands for the warrior poets who have come before us clearing a path and the budding bulb showcases the new, up and coming warrior poets who will evolve the current narrative to something greater.

            The Six pages of the book behind the poppy clearly identifies the organization as literacy forward, but the Six pages mean much more. Each page is meant to symbolize the six separate charity programs that ‘Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc.’ has established.


            ‘Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc.’ derives a portion of its organizations title to a military term ‘Stand To’. Stand To- stand ready for an attack, especially one before dawn or after dark. We are forward thinking in our actions to break the mold of the standard ideas and conceptions in the ordinary minds of the people, showcasing a plethora of diverse veterans who are innovating the contemporary literature market with their beautiful words allowing veterans to break free of assumed stereotypes.

            Change the narrative is exactly what the founder of ‘Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc.’ did when he stepped out into an unknown market with very few published war poets and after three years flooded the veteran community with six poetry books, two of which are award-winning, and inspired thousands by clearing a new path for combat veterans to process and deal with trauma from overseas.

The Purposeful Path of Poetry


            On Mother’s Day 2008 Justin Eggen left home at 19 years old, in route to Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) Parris Island, South Carolina. August 8th, 2008 after 3 long arduous months he graduated MCRD as a United States Marine. After a mandated 10-day leave he was in North Carolina to attend Marine Combat Training (MCT). Immediately following MCT graduation Private Eggen was bussed over the bridge to Courthouse Bay for combat engineer MOS training. After two educational months he graduated and again was bussed down the street, this time to main side Camp LeJeune where he would be attached to 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion (2DCEB) until May 2012 when he was honorably discharged.

During those 3 ½ years spent at 2DCEB Justin Eggen was forward deployed to the frontlines of Afghanistan during the Marine Corps’ height of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), during the Global War On Terrorism (GWOT). On his first deployment from January 2010 - May 2010 he was a combat replacement assigned to Route Clearance Platoon 2 (RCP2) of Mobility Assault Company (MAC) in Marjah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. On his second deployment from April 2011 - October 2011 Corporal Eggen was Guide/Lead Truck Vehicle Commander/ Sweep Team Commander of RCP2, this time pushing into northern Sangin, Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan they saw the success of Improvised Explosive Devices had in Iraq against service members, and they perfected the concept of an invisible deadly explosive in Helmand. As a Marine in a Route Clearance team you are always on alert, always focused on the mission, and most importantly always taking the time needed to find the IED, ensuring a safe path for the Marines behind you.” - Justin Eggen

In 2017, after five long years of suppressing and ignoring his mental health issues from combat he found purpose in poetry. During the spring and summer of that same year Justin Eggen sat down and wrote his first book of poems and short stories, opening the door to addressing further post-traumatic stress (PTS) and mental health issues from combat overseas. In the fall of 2017 with a competed book ready to publish he researched the “Combat Veteran Poetry” market and saw a void that needed to be filled. Knowing nothing of publishing or marketing he committed to a hard ‘November 10-16, 2017’ release date. On November 14th, 2017, “Outside The Wire: a U.S. Marine’s Collection of Combat Poems & Short Stories Volume 1” was released.

After 3 years, 6 books, 2 awards, and participating in 1 award-winning documentary Justin Eggen is one of the leaders in the veteran poetry community, sparking change and initiating with others a new narrative that has grown and embedded itself into the deepest roots of Veteran culture. His new venture is ‘Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc.’, it is a nonprofit organization that will explore and help cultivate creativity in individuals throughout the globe starting conversations causing a narrative change, leading to new ways of understanding and learning about mental health from trauma in a healthy way that promotes positivity on all levels. 


Stand To: Change The Narrative Inc.’ Bylaws, C.O.I. Code of Ethics, Core Values



C.O.I. (Conflict of Interest Forms):

Code of Ethics:


6 Core Values: Innovation & Change, Integrity, Passion, Commitment & Determination, Teamwork, Excellence.

  1. Innovation & Change- Always encourage innovation, be willing to change and take risks.
  2. Integrity- take pride in everything that is fair, honest, and knowledgeable and build trust in every situation.
  3. Passion- providing passion behind everything that we do as an organization.
  4. Commitment & Determination- In relentless pursuit of our goals, no matter the adversity
  5. Teamwork- cooperate and work together for the common good of the people we serve and the organizations mission.
  6. Excellence- real daily efforts to go above and beyond the standard basis of excellence understanding.





Where Does The Money Go?

Charity Programs:/// Veteran Assistance

  1. Veteran Literature Monthly Mailer (Jan. 2021)
  2. Veteran Spoken Word Tour (Every 2-years)
  3. Veteran Literature Bundles (ammo and non-ammo can)
  4. Annual Academic Scholarship (Spring 2022)
  5. Stigma Seminars (Breaking Barriers & Silencing Stigmas)
  6. Outdoor Outreach Program (PB Abbate Partnership)


Administrative Fees:

  1. Salary (1st year, Board of Directors will not receive salary)
  2. Legal Fees: FL Filing Fees, Tax Fees, 501(c)(3)
  3. Operating Costs:
  4. Website/ G Suite:
  5. Office/Warehouse Space:

Fundraising Costs:

  1. Direct Mailers
  2. Phone number data base
  3. Printing/ Publications:

Marketing: /// Product Creation

  1. Advertisements (Online/ Social Media/ Newspaper/)
  2. Sticker packs: stickers go into donation thank you postcard
  3. Postcards: Thank you postcards
  4. Tees
  5. Challenge Coins