Too Much Time

Justin Eggen

'Too Much Time', a poem from 'From Now, Until Death... I Shall'.
Too little time in this life
Abundant plight
Minor strides
Erroneous minds
Leaders are crime
Too little time to allow them in your mind
Too little time to refuse your purpose
Too little time to keep your head down
The time is now to direct desire duly
During dark days
Diligently dedicate your soul
Death dawns when you abandon yourself
Make time yours
Assess adversity
Allow availability to consume you
My time is your time
Time stands still once broken down
For time is an illusion in our minds
Our minds can see what the eyes cannot
Constraints deceive the fools
Whose minds are closed
With locked doors refusing to be set free
Afraid of unknowns
Afraid of the truth
Afraid they’ll never have that fiery dispute
Where Constraints are broken
Setting free the true essence
Of what it means to be human
Sincere who walks this earth
Whose love equals oceans
Now constraints are open
All the time is ours
Too little time
To worry about societal binds
Freedom to move
Freedom to think
Freedom is on the brink
The corrupts create collapse
Countering cultures peak progress
Pausing paradigms producing paradoxes
Too much time to waste
Actionable consequences lie ahead
If each moment is used in vein
Too much time to waste
Too much time not to take that chance
Too much time not to have a peaceful space
Too much time to allow yourself to wane
Too much time to coincide
Basically what I’m saying is.... go live your fucking life.

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