My Son

Justin Eggen

'My Son' a Poem from 'Gold' chapter of the 2019 Robert A. Gannon award for poetry 'The Art of Warrior Poetry'.
Though I am home
And have  ben for some time
IED's go off in my mind
Erupting blasts engulf my thoughts
Bodies dropped
Triggers Squeezing
Forgetting our war doesn't come with ease
But when I hold you in my arms
Those thoughts, they tend to cease
Your soft skin
Your tiny heart
Beating so strong
Your little perfect feet
My son
My war, you alleviate
The times at which I hold you in my arms
You melt my soul
Giving me purpose
You Have become the rock
In which my brutal thoughts crash
Like a wave breaking apart once struck
My son you are so perfect
I love you so much


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