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Justin Eggen



Justin Thomas Eggen was born on March 28th, 1989 in West Palm Beach, FL.

      He left for Parris Island to become a United States Marine on Mothers Day 2008. After Recruit training, MCT, and The Combat Engineer Schoolhouse, he was assigned to 2nd Route Clearance Platoon, Mobility Assault Company, 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion, 2nd Marine Division. 

  In December 2008, he injured his shoulder and would need reconstructive shoulder surgery. After almost a year of waiting for surgery and one NJP, he received the surgery, and within three months of receiving it he was on an Osprey in Afghanistan headed to meet up with his Platoon as a combat replacement.

Once arriving to Marjah in February 2010 he was immediately assigned to the lead gun truck as a heavy machine gunner behind a .50 Cal. He would spend the remainder of the deployment operating out of north-west Marjah during Operation Moshtarak. 

 In April 2011 headed to Sangin Valley (one of the most kinetic A.O.'s in AFG) he was the Guide, Lead Gun Truck Commander, and Platoon Navigator for Route Clearance Platoon 2 (RCP2) which was responsible for finding over 79 IED's throughout their seven month deployment. During his time in Sangin Valley, Mr. Eggen and the rest of RCP2 participated in and were instrumental in clearing the IED threat for both Operation Black Sand and Operation Eastern Storm. 

 After several years of being out of the military he would struggle with his deployments and the many invisible wounds that come with combat. Realizing these emotions weren't going anywhere, he decided to write. He turned to his pen and paper and wrote a poem. After many months of contemplation he began to write and produce his first book; ‘Outside The Wire: a U.S. Marine’s Collection of Combat Poems & Short Stories Volume 1'

Since the release of his first book, Mr. Eggen has gone on book tours/ speaking engagements to Emporia State University, NC State, & American University in 2017. In 2018 he again went on a spoken word book tour with two other veteran poets called "The Verses & Curses Tour" where they travelled down the east coast in an RV speaking at Emmett O'Lunneys in New York City NY, Battlegrounds Coffee in Haverhill, MA, The National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico VA,  The Clermont Lounge in Atlanta GA, and Red Alert Craft Beer in Cooper City FL.   

In the subsequent four years since the release of his first book Justin Eggen has become a college graduate earning a Bachelor of Art in Political Science from the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). In 2019 and 2020 he was award by the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation the Robert A. Gannon award for poetry for his books "The Art Of Warrior Poetry" (2019) and "The Sun Rises In Helmand" (2020). 

In June 2021 Justin Eggen's 7th book "ADAHY", a historical fiction epic, will be released in Hardcover, Paperback, Digital, and Audible on Amazon.