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Justin T. Eggen is a Father, 2X National Award-Winning Poet, Motivational Speaker, Combat Veteran, and Graduate Student at Florida Atlantic University. He served in the United States Marine Corps from 2008-2012 as a Combat Engineer with 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion, 2nd Marine Division. 

Testimonials (TAOWP & OTWC Vol.1 & Vol.2)

This book is an absolute must read for anyone who enjoys poetry. Eggen's straightforward approach to poetry is welcoming to any reader, regardless of their previous interest in the genre. The Art of Warrior Poetry is an amazing reflection of the author's experience in war. Eggen's experiences bleed through the pages and it quickly becomes clear that each poem is genuine with zero embellishments. The Art of Warrior Poetry is truly remarkable and sometimes uncomfortable due to its level of honesty. It is a wonderful collection of poetry and a unique take on modern warfare. 

Mac on TAOWP

Outstanding collection of poetry from a brother Marine. As an 03 of a lesser conflict, Justin's book is the real deal, an essential document of the GWOT, and an extremely personal document of the human cost of that conflict. Highly recommended! 

Will J. on TAOWP

The journey is told through poems and includes some stories about real life daily interactions with the writer’s fellow troops. The poems are downright scary interpretations of what hell this young man must of went through. The writing is sharp and very descriptive and this is one of those rare books that takes the reader into the mind and life of an everyday person, who became a warrior. 

Dave B. on OTWC Vol.1

This collection of poetry is the most accurate and well written portrayal of the mind, memories, and experiences of a combat veteran I’ve experienced. The poems lay out details and capture thoughts immediately recognized and appreciated by a combat veteran. Walk through the poppy fields and tip toe down dusty trails with the turn of each page.

J.M. on OTWC Vol.2

I’ve built my personal library on combat memoirs ranging from the Civil War to Afghanistan. Nothing in my collection rivals the style Justin portrays in his work. His poetry is addicting as each poem puts you in the mind of the author while he was a combat Marine fighting in OEF. He spills his memories into his work, which entices the reader to keep turning the page. Not only is his work absolutely relateable for those who have served, I’d ask any citizen interested in war/ the mindset of a combat troop, to give this book a chance. Poetry has a new meaning to me after read Outside the Wire Volume II. 

Chris C. on OTWC Vol.2

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